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Frequently Asked Questions - Updated February 2021

When can I register my athlete for the summer 2021 Lacrosse Season?
The Bloomington Youth Lacrosse Association is excited about the growth of the sport in Minnesota.  We continue to offer parents, players, teams, and the community the opportunity to participate in a competitive, fun and rewarding lacrosse experience. Our staff will develop returning players while giving new players a positive and team oriented experience. Online registration will open in early January and run through May 1st.  Late registration is available through June 1st, but will include a late fee. 

What is Bear Cubs?
During our 5-6 clinic sessions, your children will be taught the sport of lacrosse by some of the best coaches around.  Heading up our coaching staff are Rob and Jenn Graff.  Other adult BYLA coaches will assist them, as well as several handpicked high school and middle school players.  The clinics focus on basics and fundamentals.  No full games will be played.  These are instructional clinics, not competitive contests. Each session will be held on a Saturday morning for 60 minutes. 

Join us for the New Parent Meeting, Date, Time and Location will be posted soon. This is a great opportunity to get questions answered, check out spirit wear and look at equipment options.

How do I know what team I should register my athlete for? 
BOYS:  Teams will be organized by age.  This follows the Youth Lacrosse Minnesota age-eligible guidelines which were implemented starting 2017.  Player must be born on or after the date indicated below.

Bear Cubs: 4 years old through 2nd/3rd grade
U8: born on or after 9/1/11 (9/1/2011-4 years old), typically 1st/2nd grade
U10: born on or after 9/1/09 (9/1/2009-8/31/2011), typically 3rd/4th grade
U12: born on or after 9/1/07 (9/1/2007-8/31/2009), typically 5th/6th grade
U14: born on or after 6/1/05 (6/1/2005-8/31/2007), typically 7th/8th grade*

NOTE:  9th graders will not be allowed to participate in BYLA.
* The U14 age segment was extended 3 months to make sure older 8th graders could play.

GIRLS: Teams are organized by age level, effective 2017.  This follows the MSSLax eligible guidelines. 

Bear Cubs: 4 years old through 2nd/3rd grade

U8: born on or after 9/1/11 (9/1/2011-4 years old), typically 1st/2nd grade
U10: born on or after 9/1/09 (9/1/2009-8/31/2011), typically 3rd/4th grade
U12: born on or after 9/1/07 (9/1/2007-8/31/2009), typically 5th/6th grade
U14: born on or after 9/1/05 (9/1/2005-8/31/2007), typically 7th/8th grade

What are the fees associated with playing lacrosse for the 2021 season?
The costs associated with playing lacrosse come into play in a few different ways and are outlined below:

Registration fees for the 2021 season have been finalized:

Team Fees: 

Bloomington Fees for the U8 boys team  $195
Bloomington Fees for the U10 boys team $270
Bloomington Fees for the U12 boys team (A or B) $370
Bloomington Fees for the U14 boys team  (A or B)  $420

Bloomington Fees for the girls U8 team  $195
Bloomington Fees for the girls U10 team $270
Bloomington Fees for the girls U12 team $370
Bloomington Fees for the girls U14 team (A or B)  $420

Bloomington Fees for the boys/girls Bear Cub Program $50

These fees can be paid by credit/debit card (visa, mc) or check made payable to Bloomington Youth Lacrosse Association (BYLA) through special arrangement. 

These Bloomington fees cover payments to the coaching staff, referees, EMT (emergency medical technicians are present at ALL home games and BYLA-sponsored tournaments),  uniforms, tournament fees, league fees, purchase and repair of equipment such as: goalie nets, balls, cones, goalie gear, long sticks (for LSM and defense players), time clocks, scorer's table, scoreboards, and first aid kits.  As you can see from the list of expenditures above, the association does not pay a salary, bonus board members. 

US Lacrosse fees
Each child playing organized lacrosse in the United States is required to pay a membership fee to US Lacrosse.  Most of this fee goes to cover the Umbrella Insurance policy they place on all lacrosse programs in the United States.  The rest of it goes for various other aspects of the US Lacrosse organization.

The US Lacrosse fee is $25-35 per player annually.  Your membership must be valid through the entire 2021 summer season (August).
Obtain (for new players) or renew your US Lacrosse membership by going to  and click on the Join/Renew link on the left hand side of the US Lacrosse homepage.

Bear Cubs (ages 4 years - 3rd grade) are NOT required to have a US Lacrosse membership as their program is a clinic, not an organized team. We provide a separate insurance policy for these clinics.

Equipment Costs (Does NOT include Bear Cubs)
Each child will need to have equipment to play lacrosse.  This consists of:
For boys:
lacrosse specific helmet
lacrosse shoulder pads
lacrosse arm pads
lacrosse gloves
lacrosse stick
colored mouthguard
protective cup

For girls:
lacrosse specific goggles
lacrosse stick
colored mouthguard

These items can be found at various places for varying costs.  Options include but are not limited to Northstar Lacrosse, General Sports, Lavin Lacrosse and Dick’s Sporting Goods.   Used equipment may also be found at various sports outlets. Equipment options will be discussed in more depth at the parents meeting in April. Details for this meeting are above.  You do not need to purchase any of the equipment immediately and could wait until after the meeting to do so.  We would be happy to assist you in finding the right equipment and answering further questions and providing suggestions. 

For Bear Cubs (ages 4 years - 3rd grade), boys do not need shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves or a protective cup.  Equipment for Bear Cubs can be reserved through our association with a deposit.  Please refer to the Bear Cubs registration page for more information.

When does your season start/end?
Practices (weather permitting) start based on the availability of our coaches.  Generally practices will start as early as late April, but normally in May.  The season starts the first week of June with the BYLA sponsored Bait Bucket Battle tournament.  Regular season games usually begin the week following the Bait Bucket Battle and ends the first week in August. Post-season play is the first weekend in August based on teams and standings for U12 and U14 boys.  We will send an email out to the girls teams to see if we have enough players to attend postseason.  Practice schedules are determined by the Coaches and not finalized until after the teams have been formed.

Boys – Refer to Youth Lacrosse Minnesota for post-season tournament dates.  Tournaments, Playoffs, and State Tournaments are posted to the BOYS NEWS tab of our website. Refer to for more season information.  
Girls – Practices and games can be 2-4 nights a week.  No weekends unless the team has opted to participate in a weekend tournament.  The Tournaments for each level are posted on the GIRLS NEWS tab of our site.  Refer to MSSLax (Minnesota Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association) at for season information. 

Bear Cubs - Clinics run mid-April to late May.

What tournaments will we play in and when?
Our boys U10 – U14 teams will participate in the Bait Bucket Battle on June 4-6, 2021 headquartered at Jefferson High School.  Most teams will also participate in a 2nd tournament which are listed on the BOYS NEWS tab.

Our girls U10-U14  teams will also participate in the Bait Bucket Battle on June 5-6, 2021 at Westwood Elementary School.   Other tournaments are listed on the GIRLS NEWS tab.

Who do our teams play their games against?  
Typical teams in the league that we play are Edina, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, Minnetonka, Lakeville, Chaska, and Minneapolis.  There are other teams that we may play as well outside of those areas. 

Parent Volunteering
The success of any organization relies on parent volunteers.  Most importantly is our annual Bait Bucket Battle which is our only fundraiser.  Parents are required to volunteer at various times during the season during games, practices and at end-of-year picnic. BYLA is fortunate to have the support of our parents.

Have other questions? 
Please contact us at and he’ll be happy to answer your additional questions!